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888213_mWho would’ve imagined that a day would come when you would be able to assemble your own SLR camera all by yourself and take real, quality pictures with it. This is a dream come true for photography enthusiasts who are also into modeling. It comes complete with an instruction booklet which shows you how to put it together using only screws and clicks. In the process you not only have fun building your own camera, you also get to learn about light, lenses and how a camera functions on the inside. When you have finished you will have an instrument that you can use to record the memorable events in your life and not a decoration piece that you put in your showcase. It takes roughly two hours to assemble and uses standard 35mm film (also available). This camera has a viewer so that you can see the picture as it’s being taken. This is really a must have for those who are into photography as a hobby! lomography-konstruktor-8

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